ALGOS award

The ALGOS-Grünenthal award for work to combat pediatric pain has been created to promote understanding and social awareness of the impact of pain on the youngest members of society and of the problems it causes at all levels and for all those involved – both those that experience it first hand and those that live with it, (families, carers, friends).

The promotion of the study and treatment of paediatric pain is a value of special relevance for ALGOS. So publicising the measures being undertaken by different stakeholders and institutions has become a key priority. The award was created with the intention of giving more exposure to actions related to paediatric pain. It therefore encourages the study of paediatric pain and promotes and improves the attention received by these children and youngsters as well as their families and carers.

The financial incentive, donated by Grünenthal, aims to encourage initiatives that will improve the quality of life of children and adolescents suffering from pain, whether those initiatives stem from research or clinical practice. It is for this reason that ALGOS and Grünenthal have announced this prize and invite all interested stakeholders to participate.

The First ALGOS-Grünenthal Award for work to combat pediatric pain was awarded in 2011.


This year, 2013, we are announcing the Second ALGOS Award for work to combat pediatric pain.


The prize that accompanies the financial reward was designed by renowned artist Ramon Ferran from the town of Reus in the province of Tarragona. The artist’s creative process is shown in the link below.