Patrick J. McGrath

Professor of Psychology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry at Dalhousie University; Vice-president of research at IWK Health Centre (Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada); holder of a Canada Research Chair.

He has accumulated a great deal of experience in both research and clinical practice in relation to paediatric pain. He has published more than 220 articles in specialised journals, 50 chapters in books, 130 editorials, and written book reviews and summaries in addition to 13 books. The Canadian Pain Society, the Canadian Psychological Association, the American Pain Society and the Mayday Fund have all presented him with distinguished awards for his contributions to research into pain.

The American Pain Society has also honoured him with the Jeffrey Lawson Award for his activities into the study and treatment of pain. His research is related to measuring and treating recurring and acute pain, pain in special populations, the study of pain in the social context (family and friends), and providing healthcare services for pain problems. He is also investigating the use of information and communication technologies in the problems of pain and mental health.

He has received the Martin P. Levin Mentorship Award from the Society of Paediatric Psychology of the American Psychological Association and the Distinguished Contributions Award to Psychology as a Profession by the Canadian Psychology Association. Dr McGrath has received the title Officer of the Order of Canada and has been appointed as a member of the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academyof Health Sciences.