A statement of purpose

In recent years, significant advances have been made in the control of pain, advances that were truly unthinkable not so long ago. However, in spite of the efficacy of the treatments available, many people continue having recurring pain – pain that interferes considerably with their lives, even to the point of making them feel miserable.

To these people and their families, as well as their friends and colleagues, we have an unwavering commitment: to help improve the quality of their lives. We are firm believers in the well-known saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. And it is there that a large part of our time and resources are focused so as to develop treatments that allow for the prevention of pain and chronic disability. We know that completely preventing pain is not possible and in some cases it is not even desirable (we must not forget that pain is an alarm bell, an indication that something is not working). And although pain may sometimes be inevitable, suffering and disability are optional, and they can be prevented.